4. Spectrogram why spectrogram. Suppose you are working on a Speech Recognition task. You have an audio file in which someone is speaking a phrase (for example: How are you). Your recognition system should be able to predict these three words in the same order (1. ‘how’, 2. ‘are’, 3. ‘you’).

Chapter 8 Acoustic Phonetics. CD 8.1 - Speech synthesis demonstration. The spectrograms are reproduced here so that they can be seen more clearly. CD 8.2 - Figure 8.3 A spectrogram of the words heed, hid, head, had, hod, hawed, hood, who’d as spoken by a male speaker of American English. The locations of the first three formants are shown be ... Speech Sounds of American English There are over 40 speech sounds in American English which can be organized by their basic manner of production Manner Class Number Vowels 18 Fricatives 8 Stops 6 Nasals 3 Semivowels 4 Affricates 2 Aspirant 1 Vowels, glides, and consonants differ in degree of constriction Sonorant